Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Labor day weekend in Sacramento has plenty to offer. First there is the state fair, which closes labor day weekend. Then there is the Greek Food Festival and Gold Rush Days. We decided to skip the fair this year and we did hit the Greek Food Festival and the Gold Rush Days. We went to the Greek festival on Saturday night. I had not been to the festival in years. There were of course lots of good Greek food and dancing. We had a good time. The boys were not too interested in eating Greek food. Son #2 really liked the loukoumathes and son #1 found that he like tiropita. I am Greek on my father's side but not part of the orthodox church. My mother's side is Italian and I do identify more with her side of the family. I have always enjoyed going to the festival and was glad we all went.
Today, we decided to go to Old Sacramento and see the Gold Rush Days. I usually avoid going to Old Sac because it is really touristy, but we thought the kids would enjoy going back to the old west. All the streets in old town were covered with dirt and the whole place is transformed back to an old western town of the 1850's. They had pony express runs, canon firings, gun fights, panning for gold and street dramas. The kids had fun! Not a bad way to spend our weekend.

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

I forgot about the Greek festival - we had dh's birthday to celebrate and our next adventure ;-)!

Love the look of your blog, btw!

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