Friday, May 2, 2008

Cookie Love!

So, do you think I overdid it? I was supposed to bring in some cookies to J's class for his birthday celebration, but I couldn't just bring in one kind of cookie, I had to make three different kinds of cookies! His class is on the large side, so my snicker doodle recipe (actually, its Martha Stewart's recipe) didn't quite make enough. So, I thought I would make another recipe, but this time I did my chocolate chip cookie (also Martha's) recipe. I like this chocolate chip recipe because the cookies are on the cakey side. They also are not too sweet, which I tend to find most chocolate chip cookie are like. Since I was baking, I might as well make another cookie batch, so I made the surprise cookies. These were fun cookies with a marshmallow hidden inside. They are a dense cake like chocolate drop cookie. Very cookie-rific!

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