Friday, May 30, 2008

Let's Play

They are so engrossed in their Nintendo DS games. Look at all three of them. You can tell its the weekend. Their brains go off learning mode and goes into gamer mode. I really don't let them play all day although they would if they could. This summer they will forgo the Nintendo games and spend a good part of there day "fishing" for crawdads in the creek behind our home. Or they will pretend they have to defend their fort they made by the creek and fight imaginary battles. Considering we live in sort of a big city, they really do get to enjoy the outdoors a lot. Swimming, fishing, biking, running around and playing kick the can. Yes, I did say kick the can. My kids and the neighborhood kids really enjoy playing this "new" game. We have only two more weeks of school and then they will be free to explore and have fun. Oh! its good to be a kid!

Ignore how dirty the table is please!
After I wrote all this, they broke out into a fight. Brotherly bliss did not last long. Sigh!

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Dana McCauley said...

My son is in love with the online role playing game World of Warcraft. In my protective mommy wisdom I decided that my husband should play as well so that we could be sure it was safe, etc..Guess what? Now they are both fixated on the game. so much for my smart idea!

Like your children, my son balances his screen time with outdoor games, too. Thank goodness.

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