Sunday, February 10, 2008

Worktable Preview

I have been busy with some more jewelry designs. I really like the whole charm necklace idea right now. I tend to lean toward the religious, when I make these necklaces, but you could add any charm or combination of charms. I also tend to lean toward the french style of things. I love the fleur de lis symbol and try to incorprate it into my jewelry when I can.

The charms are fun and can be whimsical. I love the idea of the strawberry charm as well. It reminds me of spring. I also like the organic look of the pearls.

I also have been working on new rosary designs. I started my whole jewelry odyssey with making rosaries. I love the feel of the beads in my hand and the old world design of the crucifix's. These new ones are pretty.

The beads are glass melon beads in a pretty green with sea jasper as the paternoster beads. I love the center. It is an Ave Maria crown. It is big and substantial. The other rosaries are a blue crystal with mother of pearls and picture jasper with turquoise.

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


I really like the charm necklaces with the pearls - very, very pretty!

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