Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Wee Folk

My new obsession of late has been these cute little felt work dolls. I love the details in this craft. My friend Lisa turned me onto this book, Wee Folk by Salley Mavor, this past Christmas and I promptly ran out and bought the book. I have been longingly waiting to try my hand at these little cuties. So, about a week ago I gathered all my supplies and went to work. I was a little rusty with my embroidery work, but I think it came out well for my first try. I found an awesome website that gives you video tutorials on all the stitches. The name is Needle & Thread and it is very helpful. I think what I am drawn to most about this, is the timelessness of these cute hand embroidery dolls. I love crafts that have a history to them. In simpler times, women did this kind of craft all the time. There were no mass manufactured dolls with out of proportioned bodies. This just screams of quaintness and of a gentler time. I love handicrafts with history. I think that's why I have been drawn to old time crafts. I learned chain maille, needlework, felting, knitting and the like. They have substance and history. I love how they have endured over time and been reinvented and rediscovered in new and exciting ways.

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