Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July recap

We had our annual neighborhood parade and it was tons of fun. The kids love it when the big fire engines come to lead our parade. Everyone was dressed up with their finest red, white and blue. After the parade, we hand out otter pops and gave out awards to the best decorated. Check out the last picture. That is how our 4th of July ended.

They won for best decorated wagon.

My little guy and his buddy mug for the camera with the firemen.

Best dressed person.

Murphy and Tessa were not that into the parade this year.

These were the awards I made for this year.

I thought they turned out cute!

This is how our 4th ended. My oldest son was running around in the back yard with friends and fell into a hole. He gashed his leg open and needed 5 stitches. Not the best way to end the festivities.


Andrea - Under a Blue Moon said...

Oh dear - what a dramatic end to the day! I remember 4th of July parades where we would all decorate our bicyles with streamers and ride down the main street down town. Your pictures bring back those memories. I hope your son has a quick recovery.

Honey Pickles said...

He is recovering nicely. Just bummed out that he can't swim for 10 days.

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