Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ramblings 09

Boy, it sure seems like a long time since I have posted. My mother came through her surgery okay and we are waiting for her to come home. My days have been driving my dad to and from the hospital to see her and running him around town to do errands as well as taking care of my family. Thank goodness for hubby! I don't know how I would have made it through. I am so thankful for all the prayers from family and friends. The coming weeks will be trying and difficult as she recovers, but I know we will make it through.

On a crafty note, my father in law gave me a box of crafty things that was my mother in laws. He knows how much I love all things crafty! Boy, was there some awesome stuff in the box. I was blown away by all the neat craft supplies my mother in law had. I didn't realize how much she liked crafting. I wish I had known that when she was alive. I did know that she liked knitting and had made some beautiful stockings for the kids that we put up each year at Christmas.

In this picture you can get a general sense of what was is the boxes. There were old embroidery hoops, wool crewel, sequins, lace, eyes and four yards of silk from Hong Kong. It even came with a certificate of authenticity dated 1965.

Here is the fabric close up.

Look how pretty her embroidery is!

I love the old sequins and pipe cleaners.

There was even another box filled with plastic rosary making supplies and prayers. All of it was neat and orderly in the box with labels on everything. I love rosary making supplies! My mother in law used to make the rosaries and give them to a local homeless shelter called Loaves and Fishes.

Since I haven't been home much lately, I also haven't been able to check out my favorite bloggers. It has been nice to just be home today and catch up. You have to check out Heather Bullards blog. She has an awesome embroidery art piece that I absolutely love! I will have to try my own version of it. Also, check out Teresa McFayden's blog. She has done some lovely Milagros. I love Milagros and hers are very beautiful. I also was looking at the Crafty Crow's blog and she had an entry for an interview with kids. How adorable. I will have to do that with my kids.

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