Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This and That

My friend Lisa asked if I could make her a tile bracelet. The bracelet is ceramic tiles on a leather band. My first attempt was a band that was about 2 inches wide with 4 rows of 14 tiles glued on. I found it to be bulky to wear. This bracelet above is my interpretation. I made the band 1 inch wide and glued 2 rows of 8 tiles each. I wanted a less bulky way of closing the bracelet than a snap, so I added seed beads on flex wire and a toggle clasp. I like the look. I may try glass tile next time to see the effect.

I can't wait for Autumn!

Even though the calendar says August, I am in a Autumn kind of mood. I have been busy painting these lovelies. They are peat pots that I painted and then added embellishments. Some have torn music pages and others just have ephemera I had in my craft box. I used glitter glue and glittered the top and rim. I then sealed the pot with Mod Podge. To add a handle I used a Japanese screw punch to make holes on the sides and added eyelets. To make the handle I just used wire from the hardware store and curled the ends so they won't poke anyone. I added tissue paper and they are ready to fill.

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