Thursday, August 21, 2008

Broken Pieces Find New Life & A Princess Rosary

My dear friend, Peggy dropped off some broken rosaries last week. She wanted me to have them to use in my mixed media pieces. I was touched that she thought of me. In the bag of broken rosaries was this little gem above. It was a chain rosary that was missing the center and the tail. Otherwise it really was a completed rosary. I took the beads apart and strung the rosary on flex wire. Since I knew I was missing some beads I decided to change the Our Father beads to pearls. I used a light/dark seed bead mix in between the beads and added a bronze center and crucifix. I think it turned out lovely. Last night I saw my friend at Back to School night and handed back her rosary. I think she was surprised. I told her is just need a little TLC.

This rosary was a custom order for a First Communion this year. The special young lady wanted a rosary that would be "like what a princess would have". That was a tall order. I used amethyst beads for the Ave's and etched sterling silver beads for the Pater beads. The center and crucifix are done in bronze. I love the old world feel of the rosary and I think it might be what a princess would have. She seemed to really love it.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Beautiful, Marie!

Peggy said...

Hey Marie,
What a beautiful surprise to see the rosary on your blog. I recalled that
I was totally distracted when you gave it to me on back to school night. I have since had a chance to look at it and I am touched by the presence of pearls and the soothing blue and white colors. You are gifted and spirit led.

My heartfelt thank you for such a gift.


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