Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We're Back!

We just got back from our trip to Oregon. We had a lovely time and the air was soooo clear. After the horrible air quality we had for the few weeks leading up to us leaving, it was nice to have such clean air to breathe. We went up for hubby's cousin's wedding. It was so beautiful and they both looked so nervous, but very happy. Hubby's 2nd cousin is the groom, Cody and his beautiful new bride is Leah. They had a lovely wedding at a park in McMinnville, Oregon. What a beautiful little town. It reminds me of Napa valley. We had fun exploring the town.

This is Hubby's cousin Jill, the mother of the groom. She was a terrific hostess and we truly enjoyed our visit with her and her lovely family.

Cody is a potter by trade, and he and Leah made all the party favors.

They have rosemary planted for remembrance. Isn't that sweet. I nabbed two of them. I just love all things handmade.

Now of course I can't leave out the wedding cupcakes. They were so pretty and delicious. They were all gluten free and just wonderful. I love the cupcake idea.

We had the best time catching up with family members. J is with Hubby's uncle Tom and the next pic is Hubby's cousin Sally. She is a hoot. We all had a great time.

The next day after the wedding, we went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of the Spruce Goose. What a huge plane and what history. We also were able to see the Avenger plane that my father-in-law flew in during WWII.

The next part of our trip took us to the Oregon coast. It was beautiful and cold. I loved it! We spent the day at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. What an awesome aquarium. We have been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the Seattle Aquarium and the Birch Aquarium in San Diego. I would have to say that the Oregon Coast Aquarium ranks top on my list. It is not huge like Monterey Bay, but the exhibits are really neat. It is an outdoor aquarium and the exhibits look like you are actually in their habitat. You meander around the rock formations and peak into their tanks and watch them. It really is something to see. If you are anywhere near Newport, Oregon, you definitely need to stop and see the aquarium. We finished up our mini vacation, with a drive to Roseburg, Oregon to visit some dear friends. It was a very nice and overall exhausting trip. It's good to be home.

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sagler said...

Hi Marie - I had to be the FIRST one to comment to your blog. We sure loved seeing all of you. It meant SO much to Jill and family. We left for the coast on Monday and had a wonderful time. It was sunny but very cool and windy. Loved the change from the way-too-hot weather. We got home last night. I'm still on Oregon time - it took me a week to get on their time and now it will take another week to get back to normal. Normal? What's that??
We heard from Lilly today - from Ukraine. It was wonderful to hear her voice. Jody had to fly back to Philadelphia where her car was parked. She is still driving the 11 hours home. She should be home within the hour, though.
We loved meeting your three wonderful boys. I certainly hope it won't be such a long time before we get together again.
Thanking God for the wonderful extended family he has blessed us with!! Sally, Dave and the gang.
Hebrews 13:20-21....

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