Monday, July 21, 2008

New Findings

The boys and I happened to be walking around Michael's the other day and I came upon this really neat book. It's called Mixed Media Mosaics by Laurie Mika. The colors and textures on the cover caught my eye. Her craft is polymer clay mosaics. They are absolutely beautiful. I was completely hooked after reading a few pages of the book. She gives great detail on how to achieve the look of her tiles. She even uses purchased porcelain tiles as well. I have never really worked with polymer clay before, but her book really inspires me to try. Another good find from her book is her resource list. I spent most of last night perusing the websites she recommends. There are a couple that stand out. First, the silver crow is an awesome website that has the neatest nichos you can purchase. She also has one section dedicated to ideas and samples. Teesha Moore is also a great website with really neat stamps. The site that I spent the most time at was Michelle Ward's blog. What a unique blog. She does rubbings with crayons and then paints over them for truly unique art. She also has a blog call the Green Pepper Press Street Team. There you will fine challenges that you can participate in called crusades. Think Indiana Jones' Grail Diary. That is the inspiration. In fact there is a website dedicated to journaling like the Grail Diary. Its all about the rubbings of in Henry Jones Diary in search for the Holy Grail. How cool! I love all this stuff. I really am a craft junkie. I think I need help.

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