Monday, July 7, 2008

Hot Days Ahead

It's starting to get real hot here. That's the one thing about living in Sacramento that I can't stand. The heat! We have already been suffering from all the smoke from the wildfires and now the forecast for the next few days is 100 plus. I feel so bad for all the folks that are affected from the wild fires. I can't even imagine losing your house. And all the firefighters and volunteers that are helping to put out the fires and help all the people. They are truly heroes.

So since we have been stuck in the house because of the icky weather, I have been sewing. I had this idea of doing a mixed media piece that showed off this neat sacred heart Milagros. I got the Milagros when we were on vacation on Bainbridge Island. It started off with me just cutting out wool felt in a heart shape and then stitching the two together. Then I added the Milagros charm. I wanted to add a paper background, so I added some sheet music and an old page from a prayer book that my mother-in-law had. I finished off the piece with some vintage lace and washi paper. I really like how it came out.

The next two pieces I did featured a glass pebble with St. Therese and the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the center. Again, I started with a heart that I embroidered and sewed the heart onto a piece of vintage fabric. I added vintage lace, leather and burlap on the bottom piece. The St. Therese piece has vintage lace and leather as well as vintage french glass buttons. I am pleased with both pieces. I plan on framing them.

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