Friday, March 28, 2008

Etsy Preview!

I have updated my etsy site. You will notice that I now have two etsy sidebars. I am slowly converting over to my new site name ( When I first discovered etsy, I was just a buyer and didn't think about my name on etsy. Well, of course once I started to sell, I didn't want cathmom as my store front name. Etsy doesn't allow you to change names, so I needed to open another shop. I think you will like some of the new designs. I have three bracelets on the new site. One is pictured above. It is called the Nevada City bracelet. The price tag is more than most of my bracelets, but the beads are fantastic and costly.

This is my Napa Valley bracelet. I love the play of green and purple. The lamp work beads are really pretty. I take the worst pictures as you may have already noticed. The pictures definitely don't do the beads justice.

I have also added two new rosaries to my old site (

They are really unique and I love the old look of the medals.

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