Friday, March 14, 2008

Extreme Chair Makeover!

This poor chair has seen better days. We originally bought this chair and dining set when we first were married. Now with three kids and 19 years passing by, this chair needed a desperate makeover. So, my favorite Auntie came down for another visit and spent a couple of days with us so we could work on recovering these chairs. The original Queen Anne chair had a mauve velvet covering. As we started to rip out the staples (Oh Boy! were there tons of staples) we found that the compressed board had a hole in the middle. I am not sure if that was supposed to be for comfort, but it did make it an interesting challenge.

I think the fabric looks great and I love how the stripes complement the bench cushion we did earlier.

Once again, my fabulous Auntie. She can stitch like no other!

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Voila! The finished chair.
We made reversible chair pads for the other chairs. One side is the stripe and the other is the roosters that were from the bench seat.
Here is how the room looks all together. I still want to get a picture for over the bench seat and it will be done. Yeah!

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