Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Found Places!

Today, my friend Lisa and I went out to try to get donations for our school fundraiser. This is not one of my favorite things to do. I dislike going around and asking for donations, so we thought it might be easier to do this together. We started off a Tupelo Coffee . Absolutely fabulous coffee! If you happened to be in the Sacramento area, this is a must stop for great coffee and tea. Lisa had a Thai Mocha, it was a delicious mocha with vanilla and cinnamon undertones. YUM! I had there "Bowl of Soul", which is a vanilla soy chamomile tea latte. Fantastic!!!! I have found my new favorite coffee/tea house! It puts Starbucks to shame. Our next stop was in midtown and boy did we have fun. I haven't walked around midtown Sacramento in quite a while and what fun we had discovering new shops. We drooled in the windows of Le Petit Paris, a beautiful shop featuring lovely french purses, scarves and clothes. Unfortunately, they were not opened, but we had our noses pressed to the window looking into that beautiful store. As we walked around, we discovered the Old Soul Company, a coffee house and bakery. They had the neatest dog biscuits at the counter. I will definitely come back to try out their coffee. We also happened upon a new chocolatier called Ginger Elizabeth. OH MY GOSH! You must, I say, must try her Parisian macaroons. They are luscious, delicious morsels that are absolutely addicting. They are not dry and full of coconut. They were delicate morsels that teased your palate. The filling was a delicate cream that just melted in your mouth. She had vanilla and chocolate macaroons. I bought two of each and I admit they did not make it home. Upon first bite, it was euphoria. Lisa felt the same way and we both knew that this place would become our guilty pleasure. Oh the sacrifices we make for our school.

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Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

That's hilarious!

Do you write for your local paper?

This would be an excellent review!

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