Saturday, January 5, 2008

Awful Weather!

This was the sky yesterday morning. What an awful storm we had. Big rigs overturned on the freeways, trees crashing into houses and flooding. I made the awful mistake of going out yesterday morning. I was taking one of my sons to a doctors appointment when a huge redwood branch hit our car. We were okay, but the car was not. A dented hood, a cracked windshield and the side view mirror shirred off. Not a good morning! Thankfully we were not hurt, just very shaken up. We are suppose to have another storm in today, but not as fierce.

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Jody said...

Marie, we are so glad to hear that you were not hurt!!! Thank you, Lord and the Gaurdian Angels!!

We made it home after 11 hours on the road Thursday night. Much snow from the Dunsmir to Mount Shasta with several bad accidents and chain control holding up traffic for hours. But it was free sailing from Yreka on to home.

Stay safe, dry and Happy 2008! Jody W

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