Thursday, June 4, 2009

Janette's Rosary

The last three years my kids and I have been part of a religious formation program called the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. It is a Montessori based religion class that uses a hands on approach to teaching children religion. The classroom is called an Atrium where all the materials are gathered for the children to use. It has been a wonderful experience, but a big commitment. Once a week for the past three years I have driven my boys to the Atrium after school. Since our Atrium is quite a ways from our home, it has been quite a challenge to get there at times. We have decided that this year would be our last year to participate. With my parents ill health and all the commitments I and our boys have it seems like the best decision. However, I will truly miss it. What a gift my boys have had to be able to participate in this wonderful program. The people have been wonderful and we have made some terrific friends. The program director, Janette, has turned her home into the Atrium. Her dedication to all of these kids is truly amazing and inspiring. I wanted to do something for her to tell her thank you, so I made this rosary for her. It turned out more beautiful than I had imagined. I used petersite for the Aves and a rainbow quartz for the Pater beads. I love the earthy look of the rosary.

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