Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I made this pretty little necklace for a dear friend of mines daughter.  I had made her rosary for her First Holy Communion in light amethyst beads.  The necklace reminded me of her.  I did change out the crucifix and added a Fleur de Lys medallion.  She and her sister were able to travel to Lourdes with the Knights of Malta.  Both girls are very ill and they were very blessed to be able to go and experience the healing waters of Lourdes. 

This rosary was made for a friend's niece, Caroline.  I love the yellow flowers with the soft blue beads.  Very girlish!

I was browsing one of my favorite local stores called Fleuri in Carmichael.  It is a beautiful little shop filled with French inspired home accessories.  It is the kind of store you need to spend a good amount of time in because there are so many things to see and digest.  I spotted in a corner some pretty antique bottles that had a vintage rosary wrapped around the neck of the bottle and decorated in the front.  The price tag was $85.  A little to rich for my blood.  So, I decided I could create my own version of the bottle.  I dug through my broken jewelry pile and came across this broken cross necklace.  I then glued some paper to the bottle and wrapped it with some burlap.  Finally I added a Miraculous Medal and Voila, my very own art bottle.

I had this wire basket that I bought from IKEA a few years back.  I love the shape of the basket, but I was never very keen on the wire drops hanging from it.  Since I had a lot of my beads out, I thought maybe I could jazz up the basket with some beads.  I like the new look of the basket. 

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