Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Keeping Busy

The kiddos have school off all this week. Do you remember as kids, we only got Thursday and Friday off. So, that means I need to find things for the boys to do. I spent this morning finishing up my Thanksgiving day shopping and doing the rest of my planning. I decided to take the boys to Sky High Sports for the afternoon with some of their friends. What fun! The boys were able to jump until they were exhausted. The huge space is filled with trampolines galore. They have one section just filled with a huge trampoline space, another space with trampolines and a foam pit and finally a trampoline dodge ball section. Guess what my boys liked? You betcha, the dodge ball! I remember playing dodge ball as a kid in school. Not always the nicest playground game sometimes. However, this was pretty tame and the boys had a blast. I think Hubby would love to play it as well. Maybe next time.

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