Saturday, November 7, 2009

Harvest Festival Fun

Our school puts on a harvest festival each year. Each classroom makes an item to sell at the country store to earn money for that classroom. It is a way for the class to earn extra money and with the state of the economy, it has become essential way for the teachers earn money for their class for just basic items like paper and pencils. For the last four years I have helped organize the country store for our harvest festival. I love seeing all the inventive crafts that the classes come up with. One of the crafts that a class did was from a book I had checked out at the library. It was called EcoCrafts by Susan Wasinger. I loved the coffee bag tote! I was excited to see this craft and loved the environmental aspect of recycling tied into our harvest festival. There was shrinky dink jewelry, cookie mix in jars, lavender mint tinctures, calendars, hot packs and fairy cradles. Very fun and crafty!

Our local Whole Foods saved their coffee bags and donated them to our school.

One of my sons class worked on felted heart pins and fairy cradles.

I loved how the fairy cradles turned out. We had a parent cut walnut shells and then the kids put in the wool roving.

Another parent came up with this cute poem for fairies.

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