Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Old fashioned barn dance

Our school had an old fashioned barn dance and Halloween party this past week. The boys were excited to try out their costumes. My oldest went as a rocker with tattoos, my middle son went as a zombie and my youngest was a ghoul. I hate buying Halloween costumes. My theory has always been to make your own. I don't particular like Halloween anyway and I hate spending money on a costume that they wear a few times. So this year once again, we encouraged the boys to make their own costumes and even offered the boys five dollars if they made their own costumes. My oldest really wanted a cool costume, so we did end of buying the tattoo shirt. My youngest really wanted a long black cape and mask for his ghoul costume. My middle son the only one that really made this own costume and one to take us up on the offer.

Pumpkin bowling

The donut on the string was really funny!

Spooky story telling time.

My ghoul with cotton candy.

A rocker and a ghoul.

A zombie with a skateboard.

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