Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sunday Supper

My dear sweet cousin sent me this link to Sunday Suppers. What a beautiful blog. Their pictures are stunning. The Brooklyn based Casey Solomon and Karen Mordechai are the brains behind all of this. Casey cooks and teaches and Karen takes breathtaking photos of the meals. The premise is a learning and dining experience using organic and market fresh, in season food to create a memorable meal. The pictures alone are inspirational. I was inspired to try to make our Sunday supper a little more special this past week. I loosely followed one of her menus and made this menu for our meal; grilled skirt steaks, pureed parsnips, tossed green salad and fresh fruit. I also tried Ina Gartens Gougeres( cheese puffs), for part of our appetizers. They were fabulous and easy to make. The show stopper of the evening was Casey's dessert, bittersweet chocolate pot de creme with almond cream. OMG!!!! It was incredible. More than that it was stinking easy to make. Check out her recipe here.

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