Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weather and a Race

This weekend is crazy weather for Sacramento. We have had some really high winds and gusts up to 50 mph. If you remember last year when the strong winds hit, I was driving and a redwood tree branch hit and badly damaged our car. To say the least, I don't like the strong winds. Growing up in Sacramento, I don't really remember very severe weather except during the summer time. During the summer the temperature can get up into the 100 + for days at a time. I don't recall the winter being very remarkable. In the past few decades we have had a lot of flooding, severe storms and even a few twisters. This weekend we are fortunate enough to have the Amgen Tour of California race in our city. The racer's were lucky that the weather held out and it was not too windy and rainy. We had planned to go out and see the race, but decided against it. The estimated crowd was 75,000 strong. I was happy to watch the race from the comfort and warmth of my sofa. I am looking forward to watching the next leg today from Davis to Santa Rosa.

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