Saturday, November 1, 2008

Remembrance Of My Son

I can't believe it's November. Why does the time seem to go so fast once we hit September. I don't feel that way with the rest of the year, but this time of year really zooms by. Today is All Saint's Day and it is a significant day for me. My oldest son would have turned 12 today! Twelve years ago when I was five months pregnant, we found out that he had a terminal birth defect. He was diagnosed with Schisis-association. A neural tube defect which is almost always fatal. Our son was born with an omphalocele and severe cleft lip and palate. The omphalocele is when the stomach wall doesn't form and the internal organs are encased in a sack outside the body. He was a twin but I had lost the twin early on in my pregnancy and didn't know that until later. I was able to carry him the whole nine months and had scheduled my c-section for November 1st. We had prayed and hoped that he would survive. Pray and our faith is what kept us going, and still does. Unfortunately, that was not in God's plan and our little guy died 4 days later. This is always a melancholy time of year for me. I guess I still need the world to know that our little guy was once on this earth. I know in my heart that he is always with me and watches out for his family. Happy Birthday my son!

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Lisa said...

My heart is with you, Marie.

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