Saturday, November 22, 2008

Holiday Cleaning

This is my challenge today! Hubby has been after me to clean up my craft areas. They do tend to get messy. I have taken over two closets in our house for my crafts. I would take three, but I thought that might be too greedy! I tend to just cram everything in my closets and then forget about them. I dream of having a craft room one day. I would love to have my work out where I could see it all. I get creative when I see a bead I forgot or some paper that catches my eye. When it is tucked away, I forget what I have. It's good to dream! So, my task today is to clean up before Thanksgiving. It will be interesting because our boys are off of school all this next week. I remember as a kid, we only got that Thursday and Friday off. It seems that school kids today get a lot of time off of school. I need to keep them busy, since hubby works out of the home. It can become very prickly with the kids home and hubby on a conference call. It's just not good for business when the kids are yelling and screaming in the background! I think one place I will take them is to the Crocker Art Museum. It is a really neat old museum in downtown Sacramento. The Crocker is the longest continuously operating museum west of the Rockies. It is housed an old Victorian mansion donated by Margaret Crocker. Right now they are exhibiting the art of Warner Bros. The art of Bugs Bunny should be right up the kids ally. It should be a lot of fun.

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