Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A New Necklace and My Mom

I have been working on some of my jewelry lately.  This piece is one I have had in my head for awhile.  The pendant is of Our Lady that was fashioned out of an old coin.  It was part of my mother-in-laws collection.  I like the blue accents on the necklace as well as the clear vintage rosary beads.  I am beginning to feel like life is getting back to some normalcy.  My mother passed away a month ago.  It had been a long, long fight with cancer and she succumbed to the disease mid last month.  It is still is hard to believe she is gone.  Yet she really was gone for me two years ago when they did brain surgery to remove the tumor and then whole brain radiation.  What an awful thing whole brain radiation is.  It took the women I knew as my mother away from me and my family.  Of course I loved my mom up to the end and I will always love my mother, but the essence of the women she was was gone after that.  I am sure it will hit me at some odd moment and I will break down, but I really feel I did a great amount of mourning two years ago.

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