Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Loss of a Good Man

I am so sad today! I just found out my neighbor died today from complications due to cancer. He was the most generous, kind hearted person and his loss will be greatly felt. My kids adored him and his wife. They would host movie and pizza night and have the boys over. The boys deemed them the coolest neighbors. We have lived in this home for about 8 years and it was happenstance that Bill and Terry were our neighbors. I have actually known Bill for over 20 years. He owns a fantastic store in our area called William-Glen. It is the go to store locally for wonderful home decor and gifts. Bill and I use to go to the same parish. He attended my wedding and I had seen him off and on through the years. It was such a wonderful surprise when we moved in and we found out that he was our neighbor. Bill was such a funny, compassionate and generous person. I am still in shock that he is gone. My prayers are for his wife, Terry and his kids. Bill just became a grandfather and I am so sad that his granddaughter will not know this incredible man.


Mary said...

So sorry for your loss. It sounds like your neighbors were very exceptional. May he rest in peace. Cancer is such a horrendous disease process and it seems as though there are more and more of my acquaintances dealing with it. Take care.

Honey Pickles said...

Thanks Mary for your kind comment. He was a wonderful neighbor and friend.

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