Thursday, April 2, 2009

One of those weeks!

Have you every had a week where nothing goes right. Of course you have, everyone has! Well, this week was my turn. Let me explain.

On Wednesday my day was quite packed. The plan was to take the kids to see a movie, take mom to her radiation appointment and then make it across town to attend a meeting. Well here is how it played out. I took the boys to see the movie Monsters vs. Aliens with my dear friend Peggy and her 5 kids. We had a nice time and afterword the kids played a little in the arcade at the movie theater. I took the kids home and picked up my mom to take her to her radiation appointment. All was well, we got there on time and I pulled into the unloading zone to drop her off. I turned off my car and got out her walker and helped her out of the car. I then got back into the car to move it and park it in the parking lot. My car would not start. Horrors! Not only would it not start, the way I was parked I was blocking other poor souls from dropping off their cancer patients. I felt terrible and kept trying to get my car to start. Finally I called AAA and their guy came out 20 minutes later and said, "Yep, it won't start Ma'am! You need it towed!" Good golly! In the mean time my mother finished her radiation and came out looking for where I was. I explained that I needed to get the car towed and I would call for a ride home for her. The tow truck finally came and took me to our dealership right at closing time for the repair department. Once Hubs and the boys picked me up, I had 20 minutes to make it across town for a Confirmation meeting for a young lady I am sponsoring. I made it on time, but barely! That evening, my youngest son remembered that he left his wallet at the arcade. All it had in it was 5 dollars, but he was devastated.

The last part of this story is I received a call today, that my dad was in a minor fender bender. No one was hurt thank goodness. Overall, it was not the worst week ever. We have one another, a roof over our heads, food on the table and good health. It was just one of those weeks where it was one thing after another.


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...


What a day!

Glad to hear everyone is okay, though!

Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Oh, I gave you an award on my blog - when you have time ;-)

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