Friday, December 21, 2007

We are Blessed!

Today my cousin, Holly and her husband are coming for a visit. My boys are jazzed! We try to see each other when we can, but this Christmas visit has become a tradition. Last year when they came Dave brought a whoopee cushion and a remote control fart machine. Yes, you heard me right , a fart machine. Dave is quite the jokester and my boys love it. They kept hiding the machine around the house and would remotely make it sound like the person nearest the machine was expelling gas. Oh how I love having a house full of boys. There is never a dull moment! I love days like this when we get to spend time with those that are dearest to us. An impromptu visit with a dear friend or a visit from a special relative are what I especially treasure during the holidays. I try to keep the focus with the boys about the true meaning of Christmas. They are good about understanding that this holiday is not about how many gifts they get or what they get, but about God's love for us and the blessing he gave to the world with the birth of His Son.

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